Quest for Fire (1981)

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Quest for Fire (1981)
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Title:Quest for Fire (1981)
Release Date:1981-12-15
MPAA Rating:R
Genres:Adventure, Drama
Production Co.:Belstar Productions, Stéphan Films, International Cinema Corporation (ICC), Ciné Trail, Gruskoff Film Organization, Royal Bank of Canada, Famous Players Limited
Production Countries:CA, FR, US , United States of America
Plot: A colossal adventure odyssey that turns back the hands of time to the very beginning of man's existence. 80,000 years ago, when man roamed the earth, he was exposed to the many harsh elements of nature. Against the perilous atmosphere of rugged terrain, rival tribes and savage beasts, Quest for Fire examines a peaceful tribe's search for that all important element fire, and the knowledge to create it. Focusing on human dream as well as realistic insights into pre-historic man, the constant struggle for survival is vividly recreated in this sensational production.